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Russian Jewish Burning Man (Tablet Magazine)

The Soul of a Machine (Tablet Magazine)

Seven Strings Over Iowa (Tablet Magazine)

Dobranotch Delights in New York (Jewish Currents)

Meet the Progressive Russian Immigrants Fighting Trump (The Forward)

‘Make Birobidzhan Gay Again’ (Tablet Magazine)

In the Catskills, Russian Music Plays You (VICE)

Immigrant Drama, Redux (The Forward)

Live: !!! And Lenny Williams Get To Collaborating At Lincoln Center (The Village Voice)

Top Ten Vintage Clothing Stores in New York City (The Village Voice)

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Brings Nostalgia to Bowery Ballroom (The Village Voice)

Anne Rice on Her New Gothic Horror Novel, The Wolf Gift (The Village Voice)
Al Pacino Returns to Broadway with Glengarry Glenn Ross (Gothamist)
On Fiona Apple's New Album (Thought Catalog)


Personal Essays
Learning to Love Yiddish (Tablet Magazine)
Back to Basics: My Journey from Cult Rock to Klezmer (Tablet Magazine)
When I Found a Place Where I Belonged, I Finally Came to Love My Jewish Hair  (Tablet Magazine)
My Brighton Beach (The Forward)
The Refusenik That Wasn’t ( -- and the Russian version via InoSMI

The Cult of Achievement (Huffington Post)

Venus in Polaroids (Huffington Post)   


The Convoluted Politics of Eastern European Folk Music (The Forward)
In the Election’s Wake, Russian-speaking Families More Divided Than Ever
 (Times of Israel)

El Greco is a Cultural Touchstone of Sheepshead Bay (BKLYNR)